Air & Style China

Shooting snowboarding in China is not a everyday thing for me, but last weekend the first Air&Style in China went down. It will be interesting to see where this thing can take snowboarding in China over the next couple years..

Nicolas Muller

Nicolas shredding Laax last season.. Looking forward to see some of that powder again soon :)


Arthur Longo on the cover of the new Unbound (Mammoth mountain) magazine. Aly oop from the TWS shootout session.

Skifer Hotel

New hotel in Oppdal, Norway called "Skifer Hotel". For artwork they filled it up with my photography. Check it out if you are in the area.

Snowboardawards 2010

Won this lion with a baseball hat for the snowboard photo of the year in Norway. Thank you :)


27 prints being framed right now. Soon to be hanging on a wall...


This kid hooked his edge and cracked his skull against a park rail in New Zealand. 

Onboard Cover - october2010

Just got the cover on the new Onboard. Cold freeze in Oslo... Ståle Sandbech with a fs lipslide.

Bali shark

Life in the streets of Bali. Random..

Ståle Sandbech

Little bro, junior world champ in slopestyle!

Eber Pava

I guess that was the end of my summer shooting. Back to snow and winter next week.. NZ.

Kragerø Redbull cliff diving

Today it all went down, cliff diving with a massive amount of boat people watching it all. Only 32 dives with to many angles to choose from. Here is one of my favorite shots, Orlando Duque about to leave the lip of the 27meter high diving board. Its just an odd position and it looks like he is just giving his life away.
Boatpeople, well, they are just chilling..

Redbull Cliff Diving

Out in Kragerø, Norway shooting cliff diving the next couple days.. These guys are charging!


Norway, land of the trolls..

Yesterday, driving home from the Juvass glacier. Views like this is what makes Norway amazing.

Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt is one of the nicest and calm guys out there, but on a snowboard he stings like a bee, fast, stylish and bigger then most. Portrait shot last week in Norway.

Terje Haakonsen

Fresh out the box, bringing back the 80´s.

Nike 6.0 D-pad session

At Folgefonna, Norway for a 10day session with Nike. Assistant Lars-Kristian and me setting up for a sunset shoot. Kevin Backstrom warming up in the background.


Eyjafjallajökull is the name of the Volcano that is going off on Iceland right now. Hopefully I can go there this summer and shoot it, at least that is my plan.
I shoot this snowboard photo of Ståle up in Mammoth end of April where I tried to get a volcanic feel to it. It worked out how I wanted, and I am amped to get more of this going.

Paradise Hotel

Winter is coming to an end for me. Couple more weeks with shooting and a tone of editing left, but I can see summer around the corner. I guess it is a good and bad thing, and I will definitely enjoy the last time of snow and make it happen (big shot coming up next week).

Today I had my first bit of summer in my shooting this year. Norwegian production company "Siesta" was making commercials of Paradise hotel people (Reality show about party, games and sex), and I was there to shot stills of them. Film production with tight schedule where I got a little time in between the sets.
Here is a snap of one of the girls..

US travel video, april 2010.

US travel, April 2010 from Frode Sandbech on Vimeo.

Short edit captured on the road with my phone camera, from the last couple weeks in the US. Moments, friends, some people I met and traveling feelings.. All filmed with Sony Ericsson Vivaz. Technology moves fast and phones are getting good for snapshots. Nice to always have a small cam in the pocket and catch the moments of life.

Torstein - Standard Films

Spent a week in Tahoe with Torstein Horgmo and the Standard films crew. Late season powder conditions, Northstar park riding, back country snowmobiling and double flips. Torstein got some sweet tricks going and will have a banger part in the upcoming movie ( ).


Sometimes snow can be really interesting... Lasse and Terje checking out the view.

Gigi Rüf

Just got back after a week with Gigi, shooting at his homemountain Schoppernau and Damuls in Austria. We experienced powder, hard rain and worm sun that you only get in summertime over there. I guess something is happening with the world we live inn. Anyways, always a pleasure to shoot with Gigi and we got some really nice stuff done.
Next stop is US with Torstein Horgmo and Eiki Helgason. Should be an interesting upcoming week as well.

Cover Girls!

Gabi Viteri and Kelly Clark on the cover of the newest issue of Pleasure snowboard magazin. Check out this link for some words from that shoot:

New arena..

Last weekend I was up at the new skijumping arena in Holmenkollen, Norway. Shooting for the arena/organizer. A little different then I usually do, but still kind of in the same range. Nice people and good fun.

Arctic Challenge

Been at home in Oslo for a week shooting the 10th Arctic Challenge. Only slopestyle this year which Peetu won (at the same time he won the TTR title for 2010). Contests are getting harder to shoot as the TV production is getting bigger. As a still photographer we need to stay out of the way. So that was the last contest for me this season. Time to search for powder again :)

Jib in Japan

Just got back from a trip to Japan with the Rome crew. Riders Eiki, Jonnie, Jonny and Will where tearing up the jibs in Japan. Good people and good riding made it an unforgettable trip. Watch out for photos in upcoming magazines this fall.

TWS Cover!

Eiki Helgasson on the cover of the last TWS issue of the season. This one was shot at windells/MtHood last July, and is part of my close-up serie where rider is holding the camera. All three of these I did last year made it up as international covers. (got a couple new ones coming from this season as well)..
Here they are side by side.

Nicolas Muller on Nike

Nicolas is now riding with Nike.
Still hanging out at his new house in Laax. Good riding and good snow. Frederik Kalbermatten just joined us as well this week before ISPO.. Should be some interesting days coming up with those two.