Cover - Snowboarder Japan

Here is one more from the series I did where the rider is holding the camera. Fredrik Evensen on the cover of Snowboarder Japan.

Onboard photo annual Cover!

Marcus Keller on the cover of Onboard photo annual. This one is from a series of photos I did last winter, where the riders are holding the camera themselves and I am triggering it from a distance. I always try to work out a new serie with photos every season and try to push my thoughts with it. More like this will be on the way.
Thanks to Onboard, always nice to get a photo annual cover :)

New Friflyt Cover

Norwegian styleking PK Hunder shot for Friflyt Skiguide.

Gigi Rüf, Volcom ad.

Gigi Rüf is one of the most inspiring and talented snowboarders out there. He´s creativity and eye for new things are unique. This thing right here is an avalanche canon in Cervinia, Italy. There where some big spikes on it, but that did´nt stop Gigi. Some plywood made it ridable. Sketchy rideoff and pretty big drop, still Gigi did 3 different trick off it.
Backlit from the sun and good amount of snowspray makes it look like he is being shot out of the canon.

Cover Norrøna Magazine

This one came out a couple weeks ago, But I thought I should keep it in the mix. This is Bjørn Thomas, Norwegian skier kid, shot in Andermatt (switzerland) last January.
It was a sunny day, but this is actually in the shadow side, and the nice soft light is from the reflection of the sunny mountain. Getting almost the effect as a big softboks would do.

UTE cover

Cecilie Skog ( ), one of the top female outdoor explorer in the world. Been on the 7 summits, north and south pole and the top of K2. We had about 20min to shoot some lifestyle for the main feature and cover of UTE (norwegian outdoor magazine). She where on the way to her next adventure and had limited with time. Really nice girl and I am looking forward to see where the future will bring her.

Cover Onboard

Last day of the season, last trick and the very last light of the day. Andreas Wiig Styling out a handplant after a long day which even included powder riding. On the 12th of May 2009 in Folgefonna, Norway. Always fun to hang out with Andreas and he always delivers strong riding. I shot into the sunset to get the lens flare. This is something I´ve been working on this past season and it is a technigue I really like at the moment.

Playboard Cover

Andreas Wiig flipping in Åre, sweden on Playboard (Norwegian Magazine) for my 2. Cover this year.
On this sunset shoot I used 2 flashes which one of them where filling the jump with a red gel. We had a really good session and I will try to post a couple of the shots later on.

New award

Won the photo award at the Norwegian Snowboard Awards last saturday. Thank you so much! It was a good evening.

Cover MethodMag

First snowboard cover of 09/10 season. Marco Feichtner with a method trough the woods in St Moritz. (shot with a 90mm tilt/shift)

First post

Here I will be posting news about my work and my photography life...
What better to start it of with an award. Last saturday oct.3.2009 I won Friflyts photographer of the year award at a pricegiving party in Oslo, Norway.