Northern lights in Oslo

Rare sight in Oslo. Here is a shot of Holmenkollen last night.

Andreas Wiig

Last snow shoot 2010/2011 season. Andreas millerflipping at Folgefonna.

TWS gear guide Cover

My 4th TWS cover (first was photoissue cover in 2004).
Andreas Wiig with the point of view setup.

River Surf

Taking advantage of the flood we have in Norway these days..

Exposure Meter 2010/11

Third most exposed snowboard photographer 2010/11, Transworld Snowboarding exposure meter.


Spent last week out in the Norwegian back country, where these guys are everywhere, and they are angry! Its a Lemmen year, and I have never seen this many of them.


Tahoe, 4 days with two different crews.

Eiki Helgason

Rails can be hard to fight sometimes.. Eiki didnt know he had a broken collarbone, he was to amused about his new lump on the arm.

MBM cover

Terje and his QP thingy. (Thanks Lasse Andersen for helping out behind the photo)

Air&Style Munich

Peetu on his way to win TTR again.

MethodMag Cover

Jonnie Paxson getting wild in Japan.


Snap on the way home from todays shoot.. This is the place where Heikki Sorsa did his 9,3meter bsair in 2001.

Halldor Helgason

Halldor getting ready for Xgames with some tricky tricks in Kongsberg, Norway..

Oslo - Rome

Got the Rome team visiting this week for Oslo urban life. Stale, Will and LNP killing the jibs.

Gigi cover

New cover, Gigi Ruf flipping on the cover of MBM. Shot while shooting for his movie 9191.

Oneill Evolution 2011

Oneill Evolution 2011 is going down right now. Here is young Norwegian Len Jorgensen with a sweet fs360 tuck-knee.

Fredrik Evensen ready to rumble.

Aaron Biitner

Biitner in Oslo during Christmas holiday. Nosepressing..