Terje Haakonsen

Fresh out the box, bringing back the 80´s.

Nike 6.0 D-pad session

At Folgefonna, Norway for a 10day session with Nike. Assistant Lars-Kristian and me setting up for a sunset shoot. Kevin Backstrom warming up in the background.


Eyjafjallajökull is the name of the Volcano that is going off on Iceland right now. Hopefully I can go there this summer and shoot it, at least that is my plan.
I shoot this snowboard photo of Ståle up in Mammoth end of April where I tried to get a volcanic feel to it. It worked out how I wanted, and I am amped to get more of this going.

Paradise Hotel

Winter is coming to an end for me. Couple more weeks with shooting and a tone of editing left, but I can see summer around the corner. I guess it is a good and bad thing, and I will definitely enjoy the last time of snow and make it happen (big shot coming up next week).

Today I had my first bit of summer in my shooting this year. Norwegian production company "Siesta" was making commercials of Paradise hotel people (Reality show about party, games and sex), and I was there to shot stills of them. Film production with tight schedule where I got a little time in between the sets.
Here is a snap of one of the girls..

US travel video, april 2010.

US travel, April 2010 from Frode Sandbech on Vimeo.

Short edit captured on the road with my phone camera, from the last couple weeks in the US. Moments, friends, some people I met and traveling feelings.. All filmed with Sony Ericsson Vivaz. Technology moves fast and phones are getting good for snapshots. Nice to always have a small cam in the pocket and catch the moments of life.