Onboard photo annual Cover!

Marcus Keller on the cover of Onboard photo annual. This one is from a series of photos I did last winter, where the riders are holding the camera themselves and I am triggering it from a distance. I always try to work out a new serie with photos every season and try to push my thoughts with it. More like this will be on the way.
Thanks to Onboard, always nice to get a photo annual cover :)

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  1. ooh, that´s an idea i never had, a 1.000 years ago when i still was a snowboarder. from one day to the other, i stopped riding, which was something i NEver imagined would happen when i spent the seasons in the mountains, summer like winter. but it happened, 4 years ago, suddenly. and now i stumbled over your blog. and i start to realise what i missed the last years. i eliminated, denied being a snowboarder, but like in the past, i´m not looking at your photos now without emotion.