Winter time

Winter started late for me this year, but it started good, full on with Terje, Torstein and Ståle end of December. And this past week at the Oneill Evolution in Davos. Packing up here and moving over to Laax for the European Open and some shooting with Nicolas Muller. Got some idés planed out, so it should be good :)

Janne Lipsannen, Oneill Evolution 2010, Davos

Torstein Horgmo, Oslo, working on the droppinn

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  1. Hey Frode,
    Greetings from Los Angeles, CA. I love your work. I saw your photos in Transworld's December Photo Issue (Images 6/10 in your snow photos website gallery). I was wondering if you offer prints of them? I'd like to put them on my wall in frames. Please let me know, I couldn't find any information of that on Transworld's site so I came here. Thanks.